Monday, December 10, 2007

Carlo Parlanti, waiting for the resentence on December 10th.

Carlo Parlanti, waiting for the resentence on December 10th. A conversation with Katia Anedda

After almost a month of delayed transfers, Carlo Parlanti has reached the Avenal Prison, at last. On December 10th the resentence will take place. We have met his girlfriend, Katia Anedda.

Katia, you are leaving to Los Angeles, in order to be present during the resentence. What about the situation?On December 4th we have managed to have Mr Charles Kelly Kilgore as defending counsel for Carlo. I must say thank you to Mr Marco Zacchera (MP), who, as I have already said, is a great politician and a great Italian man. I want to thank the municipality of Montecatini as well: they are helping us, they are helping Carlo non only as a townsman, but first of all as a citizen whose rights have been regularly violated.

What do you expect by the resentence?Me and his family, we hope that with all the new certifications, with a report which testifies that false evidences have been produced, and furthermore taking into consideration all the contradictions occurred during the trial, something new should happen. On October 10th, on the Human Rights Day, the resentence will take place. It will then be clarified if Carlo should be confirmed the nine years detention (maximum penalty) or if there can be a reduction. I hope that the Ventura attorney does its duty, taking into consideration false evidences, misgivings about medical examinations, contradictions, and sheds light on what they already know: Carlo's innocence.
Carlo's history has now become a media case: he is the symbol of Italian prisoners abroadThere are thousands of people who, without knowing Carlo nor me, just reading the trial transcriptions and the testimonies, feel indignant about this case. These people are the ones who vote for our representatives. I wonder why the ones we have voted pretend that Carlo doesn't exist. I'm leaving on December 6th and during the week end I will have the opportunity to meet Carlo again and I will hug him for all those wonderful people who care about us.That's why our group of bloggers wants to lauch the same initiative that Katia Anedda organised last Christmas: A lighted candle for Carlo. On December 10th, all over the world celebrations will take place on the Human Rights Day. That same day, at 1.30. in Ventura it will be decided if it's time for justice for Carlo Parlanti.
Photographs can be sent to this email address
They will be posted on a dedicated web page, to testify the solidarity of the people towards Carlo.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

mails by Carlo

On Friday I wrapped up my few things (the essentials to write and the Holy Bible) and tomorrow I should be leaving for Avenal. On Friday I wrote something for Italy, first through Enrica. Today I'm trying with Val, but I know that they won't be sent until tomorrow. I feel a bit better, since I received your mail and the one from V. But my heart is full of pain and hate L I'm so tired. […] May be it is the fear of cancer but I feel I'm going to collapse. I need something to be done. [..] Please my love, I need something to be done, because I can't resist anymore (here Carlo uses a crying emoticon)

The only thing I can say now, is that the sentence has been postponed again because of the motion of the attorney and that in order to keep my mouth shut they have decided to pospone my transfer as well. Being here I can't talk to you by telephone. Moreover, as I wrapped everything up on Friday, this is the last letter I can write to you at a determinable future. L I'm trying to have the envelopes back, but as usual they laugh at me. […] If I can't even write, I could go insane or I could kill myself.
Please, help me, I'm imploring you. And you,my loce, don't forget that I love you and that I'm thinking of you even if I can't write.

venerdì ho impacchettato le mie poche cose (roba per scrivere e bibbia) per cui domani dovrei partire per avenal (cosa che non è accaduta, ndr) ti ho scritto venerdì per l'italia, ieri tramte enrica ed oggi provo val tanto veranno spedite solo domani! sto un po' meglio da quando mercoledì ho ricevuto la mail tua e d V. con un po' di notizie ma la mia testa è purtroppo un vulcano di sofferenza ed odio :( sono tanto stanco :( [...] sarà la paura del cancro ma sento che sto crollando. ho bisogno che si faccia qualcosa. [...] ti prego amore, ho bisogno che si faccia qualcosa perchè sento che non ce la faccio più. (qui Carlo utlizza una faccina che piange, ndr)
Ormai l'unica cosa che posso pensare è che la sentenza si stata rimandata di nuovo a causa della mozione dell'avvocato e che e che per continuare a tenermi la bocca tappata abbiano deciso di rimandare la partenza e trattenermi qui dove non posso parlare con te telefonicamente, amzi ncora meglio, avendomi fatto impacchettare venerdì questa è l'ultima lettera che posso scriverti fino a data da destinarsi :( sto provando a farmi ridare le buste ma come al solito mi ridono in faccia.[...] Se non posso neanche scrivere va a finire che impazzisco oppure mi uccido :(
Aiutatemi, vi imploro, e tu non dimeticare che ti amo e ti penso anche se non posso scriverti...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A gift for Katia

This is a portrait of Katia, made by Richard Arciniega B82619. It's a gift from Carlo to Katia for her Birthday.... We can read the Voice of Avenal State prison's inmates HERE

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Carlo is going to die

We receieved a letter from Val, the Katia Anedda’s american friend. She visited Carlo a few days ago, so she wrote these terrible words…We don’t understand the silence of media, of Human Rights associations and the silence of OUR politicians. Carlo’s going to die. YOU are killing him!

I got to see Carlo this afternoon and he was literately crying because he really doesn’t know what’s happening with things. Please don’t tell Katia but Carlo looked so bad today the only way I can describe the way he looked is to compare him to a Holocaust victim.”

And this is a letter for Katia.

Ciao Katia,
Please forgive me for not getting this you yesterday…..!! I was able to visit Carlo but he looked very bad……! He has lost a lot of weight and he doesn’t have all his voice, very hard to hear him. I told him that I send him information Friday but he is begging for more. First he said that he want you to complain to the prison system about his bad treatment. He said that he didn’t care anymore because it can’t get any worse. He wants to hear about the investigation, he wants to know if Franco did what he said he was going to do. He wants to know about the press conference and about FBI investigation. He thinks he is going to be in Wasco for another couple of weeks but I have to work all weekend so I don’t know if I’m going to have enough time to go see him, I’m going to try very hard. He is worried that they won’t do another CT scan in the five weeks like they said. Also I asked him about the Hepatitis C but all he knows is that they gave him vaccine for hepatitis A & B but were supposed to get another injection in 2 -3 weeks but didn’t. If you have anything more than what I just sent him please can you give it to me so I can mail to Carlo. Valentina sent me some information for Carlo that I will put in the mail today. Val

Sunday, November 4, 2007


This article was translate by Carlo Parlanti for show what is the justice in America

The American Judicial system is efficient because there are no real trials, there are no appeals and there are no motivations given for the verdicts. This system has produced the largest mass imprisonment since Stalin.According to the United States Government 96% of the guilty verdicts for felony are obtained through plea bargaining. Only 40% of the verdicts for criminal homicide - manslaughter or murder - are obtained by trial and almost all civil disputes, thanks to the “American Rule”, are resolved by agreement. For all misdemeanors (lesser crimes) the procedure is even speedier and it is said that in two thirds of the cases the proceedings last less than than a minute. This is due to the fact that, in the lower courts that handle these matters, a defence attorney is not mandatory, in fact it is often not even permitted. The accused may insist on demanding a real trial, in which case the matter is carried to a higher court; but until then he goes to jail. It is standard practice to keep those who require a public defender in prison, and to keep them there for the length of time equal to the probable sentence; they are then conducted before a judge, chained to one another a dozen at a time, the pubic defender will obtain a guilty verdict for them whereupon the judge will impose a “time served” sentence. This system allows the enormous amount of work to be “taken care of”; work resulting from more than 14 million arrests every year made by the 18,000 United States police agencies - even though 50% of serious crimes are not even reported. There are only 150,000 trials by jury, familiar to those outside the U.S. from exported TV shows and films, and they have the big advantage of not requiring motivation either for the verdict or the sentence. The jury does not have to explain why they find you guilty while sending you to the gallows or how they came to that conclusion, nor do they have to explain how they evaluated the evidence and testimony, and, for that matter, neither does the judge. Sentences are normally carried out immediately and the convict is taken to and from prison and courtroom directly. In many cases, the judge may opt for “probation”, even for serious crimes and or long sentences. This enormous quantity of arrests and convictions has produced the largest mass incarceration since the ones carried out by Stalin and the huge American Gulag detains 2,350,000 convicts - in 2005 the increment alone was as large as the entire prison population of Italy. 1,450,00 are serving sentences longer than one year in state or federal prison, as compared to the 200,000 thirty years ago. 130,000 are serving life sentences, one fourth of which are L.W.O.P. (life without parole) and 2,000 of these were child offenders at the time of their crime. There are more than 100,000 minors in reformatories and 15,000 juveniles sent to adult prisons; every year 2,300,000 children are arrested: 500,000 are not yet fifteen, 120.000 between 10 and 12 and 20,000 less than 10 years old. The arrest of a 4 year old is not exceptional. There are 100,000 minor girls in prison. 500,000 of the 800,000 crowding the county jails are not waiting so much for a trial as for someone who will provide any kind of legal counsel. The rest are serving sentences less than a year. Let us add to those the 4,200,000 on probation, the 800,000 on parole, who have not fully served their sentence, the 5 million that have lost their civil rights, and lastly add the minors that have at least one parent behind bars. We can see how an incarcerated subclass comprising 5% of the total American population was created in the last thirty years. The turn over is amazing: 2,200,000 on probation in 2003 and 600,000 in prison. It is not possible to calculate the turn over in county jails. In America an appeal is not a constitutional right and only death sentences have an automatic trial review, which is not a new trial. American appeal is only a verification if the proceedings were formally correct; the witnesses are not readmitted, there is no jury and the convict has lost any (theoretical) presumption of innocence. A capital appeal can become a never ending ordeal, back and forth, between state and federal courts, but for everybody else the prospects are quite different. An appeal is rarely granted, in fact never after plea bargaining. Times can drag out forever; Texas had to pass a special law in order to release the 13 innocent defendants in the Tulia travesty. It is common for somebody to serve a “mere” 5 to 10 year sentence before being recognized as innocent. There is no problem with the statute of limitation because the clock stops when the judicial process starts. The judicial system foresees appeal courts and supreme courts at the state and federal level. Each state has at least one federal judicial district, belonging to one of 11 federal circuits (not counting District of Columbia with its 2 Circuit Courts). The Federal Supreme Court is the highest court. The State and Federal Appeal Courts in general have absolute decisional power to hear and to reject cases without explanation. The Federal Supreme Court receives from 7 to 8 thousand requests a year to verify the constitutional integrity of convictions, but issues only 60-70 opinions. It is not correct to say that American judges have political biases, because they are fully part of the political world; they are politicians to all effects. Whether attorney or prosecutor, they have behind them a life of political activity . They are sometimes elected, but more often than not they are simply appointed by other politicians, and in the end they are all held to account for their decisions. A judge may pay dearly for handing down a sentence disliked by a majority of voters.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Wasco prison, 30th October 2007

This is a letter from Carlo, sent to an american friend for Katia, Carlo's girlfriend. It's terrible to read his words, but we have to do it, to understand.

Dear sweet ,today I finally received my envelopes from Ventura so I can write again to you and katia :) It may seem little but communicating with you, also if in a one way kind of way fills my heart with joy! I also received your letter from the 24th (the one with 10 stamps inside), so I know that you had receiving my letters from mercy. And that comforts me even more because I've been able to be near to you and because my accounts on what was happening have been (or will be) posted for people to know.By the way did you send Katia also my accounts in english to you or did you post them? I think that right now the quantity of info in english (and other languages) should be increased, but let my go by step so you'll understand why! yesterday (the 29th) I got called to the program office around 9 am and the sergent marvelled at my being barefooted; he asked me why then got my size and fetched a pair of shoes for me after five days! :S I couldn't even start being happy at having some shoes that they called me again to go at visiting because the italian conusle was here with Enrica to visit me: sholud I add anything?

But maybe it was just a coincidence! ;) I spoke with them an hour complaining also about the envelops and not being able to write (and the bible too) And today I got miracously my poor properties from Ventura...shocking, eh? Btw as usual they took the hard cover out of the bible and the benedetto XVI book and they broke the bible as You can see form the attached map.. :( the most important thing is I can write , you can wrte me too ( ) and they told me it's only a layover, so I'm not gonna being here 6 months. the c.o that gave me some sheet say at least 2/3 weeks , Enrica said sooner than that, bu you know, how it is :S The guard and the person at mercy made me understand they had seen the website. The guard that took me here said something like: "so you're famous, they tell me", to star talking with me; even the guard that took me to the visit yesterday asked me question for 15 minutes afterwards!!! Maybe it's time to increase the efforts to penentrate english blogs and the us/ uk media, especially using the pictures report and the press conference communicate ( I'm dying to see it myself!:S) Write me soon please and bring me some joy in this grey hell...I love you, Carlo

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We can't say "Happy Birthday, Carlo!"

We would like to ear our voices singing “Happy bithday” to Carlo with Katia and Carlo, happy and FREE.
We would like to sit all together around a table to eat the Carlo’s birthday cake.
We would like to see Carlo opening our gifts.

These things we like to do TOMORROW will be impossible to do, because Carlo is not here with Katia, with his family, with his friends. Carlo is still inmate in Wasco Prison, in U.S.A., for a crime he didn’t committ. He’s innocent. He was unfairy convicted, so THIS IS A CRIME.

We can’t say now “Happy birthday, Carlo”. We can’t give him any gift.NOW WE WANT ONLY JUSTICE FOR CARLO.If you have a conscience, if you hope in JUSTICE, help us to help Carlo.Read his absurd story and spread it all over the world,
SIGN the petition for Carlo.

Thank you…and Happy Birthday Carlo!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The story of Carlo Parlanti

Carlo Parlanti: an alleged guilty story - By Gabriele Ferraresi

We never talk enough about some stories; especially about this one, that is not easy to follow, that is a complex story, although crystal-clear in its horror, with lots of dates and names to remember, nobody talks about any more. There has been some talking in the past, but not enough for sure, at least not enough to reach a mass so critical to move something. Carlo Parlanti (see picture) is locked up in the prison of Avenal, California since June 3rd 2005: he has been accused of crimes that he has never committed, accused by a deranged witness, during a farce trial. Possible? In the United States? In the “land of freedom” like someone considers it, maybe someone directing a small opinion news paper? Yes, it is possible!Carlo Parlanti's born in Montecatini in 1964, grows up in a family like many others, attends the scientific lyceum, then college, physics. At twenty five he is in Milano, looking for a job: he is smart, knows how to study, and he ends up sending a resumè to one of the largest fortune 100 in the food industry, one that now a day has a lot of opposition. In a period when no-global is an unknown word Carlo Parlanti needs to make a living : he starts working for Nestlè, as a systems analyst and afterward as a project manager, like we would say today. He climbs quickly, travels often around europe, he enjoys that life style, always around, never a dull moment. At a certain point he decides to change, abruptly: he is a man perfectly capable to leave the morning after for the Americas. And is what he does, in 1996: at this time he is no longer employed ad Nestlè, but for Dole: his career is going strong. But, beside work, he has another passion in his life, women. Many women, that he dates for few week or months, for a couple of years or few days. Many women anyhow: also from that point of view things are going great, even better, it looks like one of those TV life’s, neat, clean, designed to make people envious. Or so it seems. The year is 2001: Carlo Parlanti meets a woman, Rebecca McKay White. She is born in 1959, a few years older and showing them all, she works in a jewelry store where Carlo Parlanti goes to get his watch fixed. The two befriended one another a few months before September 11th ; in November Rebecca McKay White looses her job, she is in a difficult period , California is in a big crisis, there is recession and everybody is scared. Above all there is a catastrophe in the other side of America that has just hit the entire planet. The two move from Monterey to Westlake village, near Malibu. They live in the same apartment, Carlo’s apartment : months go by and it’s a new year, 2002. The summer of 2002 is a key moment: Carlo Parlanti is thinking about going back to Italy, to cash in his American experience, to spend the know-how acquired in the big international company. On top of everything, he is fed up with Rebecca McKay White, he cannot take her anymore and wants to leave her: he is no stranger to starting anew, and this he did without wavering. On July 16th 2002 the story with Rebecca McKay White is finished: why such an exact date? Because to witness it there are varius emails sent to friend, on top of trial’s declarartions. Carlo Parlanti “shows the door” to Rebecca McKay White, and at that point he has practically written the last chapter of his adventure across the ocean. Two days after, on July 18th 2002, The woman that he had just left, reports him to the police: she tells about one night in which Carlo Parlanti imprisoned her, beat her up, sodomized her forcing her to practice “fist fucking”, and finally, after bounding her with plastic ties, raped her multiple times. These are very serius allegations, accusation that deserve in depth investigations, analysis, witnesses; in one word, “evidences”. In august Carlo Parlanti returns to Italy: he will be free without knowledge of this story until the month of July 2004, when he is approached at the Dusseldorf airport, where he will discover that there is an international warrant with his name on it. Two years in the dark What happens Between the summer of 2002 and the summer of 2004? Two years of black out, two years during which Carlo Parlanti goes back to work in Italy and Europe, doing what he was doing before. And Rebecca Mckay White? In the United States, waiting for Carlo Parlanti to come back to the States but as a prisoner, with the complicity of hardened Californian laws against sex crimes. Waiting to be able to enjoy for the rest of his days a revenge for having damped her, revenge that will also procure her a “pension” for life because victim of a sex crime. It’s really sad that nothing like that has happened, and that the violence remains alleged and without proof after being incarcerated for almost one year in Germany, from the summer of 2004 to the spring of 2005, without evidences, froof, facts to justify his arrest, he gets extradited. This happens even though his attorney in Germany, Franzisca Lieb, is trying to present appeal upon appeal for the obvious illegitimacy of the extradition, and the same thing is done by Cesare Bulgheroni (Carlo Parlanti’s attorney in Italy) that attempts an appeal to the European court for Human Right, also for violation of international treaties on extradition without success! On June 3rd 2005 the manager that always travels around the world, always full of women, a person that doesn’t even know how he ended up in that cell in Dusseldorf gets loaded in chains on an airplane, destined to California. The Trial After being transferred from Dusseldorf to Ventura, in California, Carlo Parlanti faces the beginning of his penal persecution. The trial is going to produce an unimaginable series of evidences created out of nothing, at time appearing directly upon request from the district attorney as in the case of the pictures, of testimonies confused and recanted, of accusations without foundations that cannot possibly be proved. In detail; the district attorney talks about Carlo Parlanti, the project manager that travels around the world, always in motion, one full of women, as a common criminal. They talk about a criminal record for armed robbery, and assorted violence, all crimes committed in Italy; It is really unfortunate that the Italian Criminal record of Parlanti is clean, “ like a lake without mud”, they would say in a movie as chilling at least as much as this story. And this is only for starters: one of the most incredible declarations made by Rebecca McKay is in regards to the alcohol that Carlo Parlanti would have drank, before abusing her in the night of June 29th. Four liters of Chardonnay (about one gallon) in about five hours; a quantity that would have killed him, since it would cause a Bac- blood alcohol content – of about 0.63 and the ethylic coma happens already at 0.40. If it was the only absurd declaration: Rebecca McKay had already recanted the date of the violence moving it from July 6th to June 29th 2002 – evidently to earn a few days – in order to justify the lack of visible bruises, and the fact that she could not undergo med-legal test, the gynecological exam that is done normally on victims of sexual violence. In fact, regarding the night of the “fist fucking”, Rebecca Mckay white tells about a very strong hemorrhage caused by the fore-harm that Carlo Parlanti would have first stuck in her vagina with his fist closed, and afterward, with the palm of his hand open, inside her rectum. An hemorrhage that, according still to Rebecca McKay White, had left abundant traces on the bed, “pools” of blood that filtered through the sheets and impregnated the mattress itself. Needless to say, at the time of the report, the police went to the house and did not find anything. They found everything in order, they found a bed properly made, they found Carlo Parlanti’s TV life. The dry wall against which Rebecca McKay White declares that her face has been struck tens of times, is completely intact, every thing is completely in order. Nobody has seen maintenance personnel or anybody that could have made repairs. Carlo Parlanti in the meanwhile is some where else, still in the United States, in Gulfporth, in Missisipi. Unaware of anything. The woman has already in the past manifested signs of mental instability, during a divorce from her first husband, and now during the trial she even admits candidly that she has problems with her short term memory, which comes in very useful since she has to justify in front of an attorney, in front of a judge, in front of a jury, how is it that she wanted to recant the date of the most traumatic day of her life, anticipating it by one week. Do you remember? From the 6th of July to June 29th of 2002. It is difficult to confuse especially if you reported the facts on July the 18th. In such a brief lapse of time one week is a lot of time, to confuse one week from the other; one week like hundreds of others, confused with the one in which you underwent horrible violence.The pictures One of the most shocking evidences, presented by Rebecca McKay white, and incredibly considered valid, are two pictures showing her with a large bruise on her left eye. It is a picture that appears years after the report, exactly after three years, practically upon request by the district attorney: and it is fake. It is a fake that resulted in a decision that condemned Carlo Parlanti. Why is it a fake? You just have to look at the two image, not even with too much accuracy, the ones presented after three years, those with a left eye dark from a bluish bruise, and another image, taken from the Ventura Police on the day of the report, July 18th 2002. The same person, but with some years of difference, a different hair style, smoother skin. And not only: during the trial Rebecca McKay White declares that she has taken those pictures on her own in the restroom of Carlo Parlanti’s house, sitting on the toilet. Unfortunately the memory plays her a trick she even declared, after all, that she had short term memory problems: Carlo Parlanti’s restroom is painted in yellow. The pictures presented by Rebecca McKay White, taken with a small throw-away camera, have a whiter than white background and reflection of blue. Although it is evident that it is the same person yes, but in places and years completely different from those where the alleged violence was staged (and these are not small details for crime evidences), incredibly a verdict of guilt gets issued against Carlo Parlanti The Verdict Carlo Parlanti gets sentenced to nine years of prison. He has to spend them in the prison of Avenal (see pictures), Where things get immediately worse: he is involved in a fight and, we do not know how he contracted hepatitis C. He suffers from piorrea and is loosing his teeth. He is not responding well, like an innocent reacts to prison time without motive. A web site has been active for some time,, to talk about this absurd story and a petition has been arranged to clarify a complicated story, as we said from the very beginning, difficult to follow, with many dates and names to remember; and that everybody is forgetting about too quickly. Publisehed June 27th, 2007 02:45